Welcome to Diabetes Associated Proteins Database (DAPD)

           Diabetes Associated Proteins Database (DAPD) is an open access secondary database, it will provide paramount information about candidate proteins in diabetes associated pathway(s)/diabetes type(s) all in a single site. Current version of DAPD has been developed with 361 human proteins associated with diabetes. In addition DAPD has been linked to external database to gain access to further details.

Citation :

Gopinath K, Jayakumararaj R, Karthikeyan M*. DAPD: A knowledgebase for Diabetes Associated Proteins. IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 2015 May 1; 12 (3): 604 – 610.
Available at www.mkarthikeyan.bioinfoau.org/dapd



Total number of Protein : 361
Pathways in DAPD           : 06
Diabetes Types                 : 08     

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