Dr. M. Karthikeyan

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioinformatics

About Us
             Dr. M. Karthikeyan and his team is interested in understanding the genetic and molecular basis of variation in drug response for human diseases like hypertension, diabetics, cardiovascular diseases, renal failure and so on  to study therapeutic efficacies and side effects of the drugs through the computational and experimental methods. The focus of the lab is to identify genes and interacting genetic factors that contribute to drug response. This involves study of metabolic pathways and gene-gene, protein-protein interactions by using multiple linear regression analyses for the establishment of significant associations between genetic variants and phenotypes of biomedical importance. Further his research team is conducting research on Database creation and Computer Assisted Drug Discovery (CADD) to design the various drugs/lead molecules for Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer and Influenza viruses through 3D-QSAR, Molecular Docking, High Throughput Virtual Screening and Molecular dynamics simulation etc. In doing so, we hope to ultimately translate our research activities into clinically useful tools to help us improve clinical outcomes from drug therapy and to facilitate the development of new medications for the future. Currently, the main focus of the lab is to study the diseases like hypertension, diabetics, cancer, cardiovascular medications, renal failure and H1N1 (2009) influenza A virus.

Research Interest
1. Human Molecular Genetics
2. Pharmacogenomics & Computer Aided Drug Discovery 
3. Cell Signalling 
4. Database Creation & Management